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Heritage Night

Heritage Night is a weekly event where one section of (Game Tap Era) Myst Online URU Live's History is retold in the IC POV for the benefit of new explorers who have not heard the History of what came before..

Heritage Night was started by Carl Palmner in Late 2010 and is now on its Fourth incarnation, managed by Calum Traveler (DTC) and hosted by whomever is selected for that night. It is held in the Heritage Night Bevin, and typically runs for One hour (although it may go on longer depending on the script), starting at 13:00 KI time. 

As always, we are looking for Hosts. If you are interrested in Hosting Heritage Night, or even are simply wanting to know more Infomation about Heritage Night, please contact DTC at KI#: 203751

Depending on the Host of the evening, there may be a Field Trip planned for each evening, related to that night's specific topic. 


D'ni Location: 
Heritage Night's Hood
Date of the event: 
Se repite cada 7 días hasta Dom Ago 07 2011 .
Julio 3, 2011 - 13:00
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